About Us

Welcome to Skill Photo- a stock photo service built around real photos of real work!

Our site is all about providing great-looking, cost effective stock photos for construction workers, contractors, and more. After all, most contractors will have photos of their past projects to show potential customers, so why not put them to use and start earning money from them? By uploading your photos to Skill Photo, you’ll be able to help others in the industry access the pictures they need to make a real impression- plus, you’ll be able to earn a tidy amount in the process!

Unlike other stock photo sites, we put an emphasis on affordable prices, so that real people like you can afford them. We thought, what’s the point in charging over $100 per picture when that only puts them in the price range of large companies? By lowering our fees, we put stock photos in the hands of the people who matter. In fact, you’ll find great photos here for as little as $10!

But while our prices are small, there are still big opportunities for those of you who want to make a little money on the side selling stock photos. Again, we put our users first when it comes to commission, with rates of up to 70% on each photo sold. That will net you a neat profit on your work even in just the short term, and if your photos are a hit, you could be looking at a serious amount of money to be made.

All you need to get started is a DCL camera, and clear, clean photos without any noise and with the right keywords included. If you’re looking to purchase stock photos from Skill Photo, then just take a look around- with our handy categories feature, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in next to no time at all. At Skill Photo, everything you need for great pictures of real jobs is right here at your fingertips!